Hundestrände in Spanien

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Hundestrände in Spanien: Toben am Beach


I’ve already said that I’m actually a forest sniffer. My mistress always says that she doesn’t miss anything about Germany except the forest and the soft, good-smelling forest floor. Here on the Costa Blanca, Chef and I can only sniff out rabbits among the olive groves. If you want real forests, you have to go to the north of Spain. But we Wuffs have plenty of beaches to romp on in fall and winter. And in summer there are even extra dog beaches, although in my opinion it’s usually too hot for everything at this time anyway :). See also my article: Best time to travel with dogs in Spain.

Meeresbrise für Zwei- und Vierbeiner

But we Wuffs have plenty of beaches to romp on in fall and winter. And in summer there are even extra dog beaches, although in my opinion it’s usually too hot for everything at this time anyway :). See also my article: Best time to travel with dogs in Spain. In principle, dogs are prohibited on most beaches in Spain during the season (until 30.9.). Dogs can like it however they like, but the bottom line is that it’s no fun walking on the hellishly hot sand with sensitive paws. Not even on the asphalt, by the way. Unfortunately, I keep seeing poor fellows whose packs don’t know any better and drag their four-legged friends around in the blazing midday heat.

But back to the topic. There are secluded natural beaches where we four-legged friends are also allowed to sunbathe in summer. Depending on the region, you can also splash and jump in the sea late in the evening. However, the regulations are very different, so that I could not sniff out a binding statement.

Wo Sand und Meer warten

But there are also more and more dog beaches in Spain. Well, in some areas there are nasty stone beaches, which are nothing for me anyway. But some tourist regions have already recognized that more and more guests and locals are coming to visit with four-legged friends and are not simply adapting to this.

They have also noticed that the dog beaches are usually cleaner than those of the two-legged friends. Hence my appeal to all bosses and mistresses: If we ever have to do our business on the beach, please always have dog waste bags with you , preferably biodegradable;). However, biodegradable does not mean that you should just throw them anywhere.

Don’t forget: We dogs value cleanliness ;).

Bekannte Hundestrände in Spanien

Here are some of the most famous dog beaches in Spain. A list that I will gradually expand. And maybe you have a few insider tips too! Please write to me or share your knowledge in the comments. A hearty woof for that!

Barcelona: The Playa del Llevant dog beach in Barcelona is one of the most popular dog beaches in the city. It is located near the Olympic Village and has a special area for dogs.

Alicante: Playa de Agua Amarga in Alicante is a dog beach that welcomes dogs all year round. It is located south of the city center and offers special areas for dogs.

Mallorca: Playa de Son Real on Mallorca is a beach that is accessible to dogs. It is located northeast of Can Picafort and offers wide sandy beaches and calm waters.

Tenerife: Playa de La Tejita on Tenerife is a beach where dogs are allowed. It is located near Tenerife South Airport and offers a beautiful environment for dogs and their owners.

Cadiz: The Playa de Camposoto in Cadiz is another dog beach in Spain. It is located near San Fernando and offers long sandy beaches where dogs can run around and play.

An der Costa Blanca in Spanien gibt es mehrere Strände, an denen Hunde willkommen sind. Hier sind einige bekannte Hundestrände an der Costa Blanca:


Orihuela Playa de Aguamarina: Playa de Aguamarina in Orihuela is a beach that allows dogs all year round. It is known for its calm waters and fine sand.

Elche Playa El Carabassí: Playa El Carabassí in Elche has a special area for dogs where they can run around and play freely. This beach is known for its golden sand and clear water.

Torrevieja Playa de Los Naúfragos: The Playa de Los Naúfragos in Torrevieja has a designated dog area. This beach is popular with dog owners and also offers a good infrastructure with restaurants and cafés nearby.

Pilar de la Horadada Playa Barranco Rubio: Playa Barranco Rubio in Pilar de la Horadada is a dog beach located in an unspoiled environment. Dogs can run around freely here and enjoy the clear water.

Dénia Mole Escollera Norte: The Mole Escollera Norte is a beach near Dénia where dogs are allowed. It consists of gravel and sand, the water is calm.

Altea: has made the Mar y Montaña beach available for bathing fun with four-legged friends. This beautiful pebble beach is located near several beach bars, parking is possible nearby

Villajoyosa: Playa El Charco in Villajoyosa is a pebble beach with a natural rock pool. Dogs are allowed to splash around on the southern part of the beach.

Campello: With its Punta del Riu beach, Campello was the first municipality to set up a dog beach. The stone beach is easily accessible.

My personal favorite beach is the beach in Oliva, where there are also dog-friendly campsites and we like to go for walks in autumn, winter and spring.

I will gradually add to this list and list it by individual provinces. But this is a lot of snooping, so it still takes a little patience. Do you know a beach that is particularly nice for us dogs? Then just write to me in the comments or via the contact form!




Dürfen Hunde an den Strand in Spanien?

In the low season, dogs are allowed to run around on many beaches. However, this varies from region to region in Spain. The period between April and September is generally off-limits for dogs. However, we are usually allowed back on the beach between October and March.

Wo gibt es die besten Hundestrände in Spanien?

Every coastal region in Spain has wonderful dog beaches. The best dog beaches in Spain are