Compulsory liability insurance for dogs has been mandatory in Spain since September 2023.

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Dog liability insurance in Spain: The new animal protection law.

Today we’re talking about a topic that I, as a dog who is affected by it, take a more critical view of: the new animal protection law in Spain and the obligation to take out liability insurance for dogs in Spain. Grab a treat and let’s take a closer look! Animal welfare is not only an extremely important issue for us dogs. We all need a loving and safe home, clean water, healthy food and, of course, lots of cuddles. But can one law really be the solution to all our problems?

Liability insurance for dogs in Spain

The new animal protection law in Spain has made dog liability insurance compulsory. At first glance, this may sound reasonable. After all, you never know when a minor accident or an unforeseen altercation between dogs might occur. But is it fair that all dog owners are now forced to take out liability insurance?

Some argue that this obligation ensures financial protection for all parties involved. In the event of an accident or damage, the costs can easily be covered. This is certainly a positive aspect of liability insurance. But what about dog owners who already have other financial challenges to deal with? Who simply can’t afford to take out liability insurance for dogs in Spain?

Dramatic consequences for four-legged friends in Spain

The first dramatic consequences of this new law are that more and more people will no longer be able to afford a dog. Even more of us end up in shelters; many are no longer adopted. I am for animal welfare, of course! I support any initiative that improves the welfare and safety of animals. But I think the legislator has once again overshot the mark here.

What we need are well thought-out solutions that take into account both the welfare of the animals and the needs of the owners. Instead of obligations and regulations, we should promote a culture of responsible dog ownership and encourage people to volunteer to protect their pets. Including hunting dogs, which are exempt from this new law and can continue to be tortured and neglected as before.

Better animal welfare in Spain: What can be done

1. awareness-raising and education: Instead of focusing solely on obligations, the aim could be to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership. Workshops, training courses or information events could be used to inform prospective dog owners about their needs and responsibilities.

2. introduction of compulsory dog training and behavior courses: dog owners could be encouraged to take part in training and behavior courses. These courses would not only help to improve the behavior of the dogs, but also help the owners to deal with certain situations and react appropriately.

3. promotion of voluntary liability insurance: Instead of introducing compulsory liability insurance, dog owners could be encouraged to take out such insurance voluntarily. This would give those who want financial protection the opportunity to do so without imposing additional burdens on those who cannot afford it.

4. promotion of adoption and neutering programs: In order to reduce the number of stray and unwanted dogs, increased adoptions and neutering programs could be promoted. This would lead to a reduction in the number of stray animals in the long term and come closer to the animal welfare goals.

These alternative approaches could promote an approach to animal welfare that takes into account the needs of dog owners. It is important that we keep the discussion going and look for solutions that are acceptable and expedient for everyone involved.

What do you think? What is your opinion on the new animal protection law in Spain and the obligation to have dog liability insurance? I look forward to hearing your thoughts! And don’t forget: whether you have an insurance policy or not, let’s make sure that you can be happy and satisfied family members!



Is liability insurance for dogs compulsory in Spain?
Yes, dog liability insurance has been compulsory since September. The price varies depending on the company with which the contract is concluded and also depends on the age of the animal, its size or its breed.

How much does liability insurance for dogs cost?
The price of dog liability insurance varies depending on the company and the associated insurance cover. There are basic policies that can be taken out from 24 euros per year with cover of up to 200,000 euros and an excess of 200 euros.

What happens if the law is not obeyed?
Anyone who does not take out liability insurance for their dog in Spain risks a fine.

Do I have to insure my dog in Spain?
Yes, all dogs must be insured. Remember that in many cases your household contents insurance also covers pets. However, this included animal restraint light is generally not sufficient to meet the new legal requirements. It is best to check with your household contents insurance company. Please note: The microchip number must be deposited with the insurance company.

How many households in Spain have a dog?
Almost three in ten Spanish households have a dog and the average annual expenditure on pet care, food and health continues to grow at double-digit rates, as does the market for veterinary medicines, which continues to grow by 15% according to the sector’s latest data.

How many dogs are there in Spanish households?
The figures vary, but official statistics put the number of dogs in Spanish households at around 9.3 million.