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Perhaps you already have a website or are listed in a general directory. But will dog owners also find you if they are looking for dog-friendly restaurants, hotels or vacation homes in Spain? When vacationers need a vet who speaks their language? How often are we asked if we know a good dog groomer? Or a physiotherapist for dogs. And anyway, where can you find a dog sitter? Is it possible to bark in Spain?

HolaWuff provides the answers to all these questions. We make you visible to your target group and ensure that your potential customers find you.

Increase your sales with HolaWuff

HolaWuff is the first online portal where dog owners can find what they are looking for when traveling with a dog in Spain. Not only tourists, but also anyone who lives with dogs in Spain. There are currently around 10 million dog owners in Spain, more than 10 million in Germany, 13 million in the United Kingdom and over half a million in Switzerland and Austria. At HolaWuff, we specifically address this target group without wastage.

At HolaWuff you can present yourself and your company extensively. You can also book a place in our HolaWuff newsletter, which we send to your potential customers in German, Spanish and English. .

HolaWuff: Why should you become a member?

Address your target group directly and present yourself optimally in a professional environment. Here is an overview of your benefits:

  • Increase sales through more online presence
  • Promote your regional sales through detailed location information
  • be represented in additional online channels and company directories
  • Benefit from the advantages of professional online marketing
  • Address your target group without wastage

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