Traveling with a dog

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Abenteuer in der Sonne: Ratgeber für stressfreies Reisen mit Hund in Spanien

Before I swapped my usual spot on the sofa for adventure trips through Asia and now the sunny coast of Spain, I was just as confused as you might be now when you think about your tour. But don’t worry, I’ve been through it all and have put together lots of tips and checklists for you. So, get your paws moving and come with me on a wonderful trip to beautiful Spain. I’ll show you that Spain is also dog-friendly and where you can have a great time with your pack.

Gute Vorbereitung ist das A und O

Your journey begins long before you leave home. Checks the veterinary requirements – vaccinations, microchip, EU pet passport are a must. And owners, remember: don’t forget your favorite toy, blanket and treats! When traveling with a dog, the journey is the destination. So try to make your tour as pleasant as possible. Sometimes that means investing in a dog carrier or planning a special itinerary to ensure the whole family feels comfortable and safe at all times. If you are too excited, ask your mistress for Bach flower drops, also known as Rescue Pets drops. They’ve always helped me when I’m traveling and upset.

Hundefreundliche Orte: Einfach nur wow!

Spain is full of dog-friendly places where dogs feel like kings. From the many dog-friendly beaches on the coasts to the chic dog parks in the cities – vacationing with a dog means pure adventure and fun. You’ll be amazed at how much Spanish hospitality extends to us four-legged friends. Plan enough time to discover all these great places – because there really is a lot for us dogs to sniff out in Spain! Then traveling with a dog is fun for your furry friend too.

Unterkünfte: Nur das Beste für uns Vierbeiner

Finding dog-friendly accommodation used to be a real challenge. But with HolaWuff you can easily find dog-friendly hotels, dog-friendly vacation apartments and even campsites. Just make sure that your choice offers enough space to stretch your paws after a long day of adventure. I have dedicated an extra article to the topic “Best time to travel with a dog in Spain”.

Leine und Maulkorb

A lead and muzzle must always be carried in Spain, at least for dogs over 50 centimeters in size. I’m a long way from that, but I’m also obliged to keep my dog on a lead in the city. Please note, however, that the regulations vary greatly from region to region. It is best to enquire at the tourist offices beforehand.

Im Auto unterwegs mit Hund

I don’t like driving at all. Neither in the box nor in the basket. Nevertheless, stricter safety precautions also apply to me. A seat belt is not always recognized as sufficient protection. Although this is not checked so often, you may be partly to blame in the event of an accident. The best protection is a sturdy grille between the driver’s compartment and the rear seat or a sturdy car transport box.

And a very important note on our own behalf: Please NEVER leave us waiting in the car. Not even in the shade and with a slightly open window. Even in the winter months, it can quickly get hot in the car, putting our lives at risk.

Traveling with a dog in Spain doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little preparation and the right attitude, your vacation with a dog in Spain will be an unforgettable experience. Hasta luego, amigos!



Ist Spanien hundefreundlich?

Spain is now much more dog-friendly than it was a few years ago. This is probably also due to the fact that Spaniards now own more than 9 million four-legged friends, putting them in 4th place in Europe according to Statista. Although hunting and working dogs in particular still often suffer a terrible fate, the attitude of many people towards domestic dogs has certainly improved. However, we still have room for improvement.

Was benötige ich für die Einreise mit Hund nach Spanien?

To enter Spain, you will need an EU pet passport with microchip identification and a valid rabies vaccination (at least 21 days old). Special regulations apply to young animals up to 12 weeks of age. But to be honest, you shouldn’t go on such long tours with puppies anyway. In addition, liability insurance has been compulsory for dogs since September 2023.