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You and your dog are welcome here! Discover dog-friendly hotels, vacation homes and restaurants;
find vets and dog sitters and many more dog-friendly places in Spain!


Is Spain dog-friendly? Absolutely, and we’ll tell you where! Here at HolaWuff you’ll find all the dog-friendly addresses in Spain! Are you looking for dog-friendly restaurants, hotels or holiday homes in Spain? Do you need a vet in Spain who speaks your language? Does your four-legged friend need a groomer or a physiotherapist? Do you want to know where to find a dog sitter? HolaWuff has the answers.

Mr Sheffield blogs here

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Spain? How do you help a dog in the heat? What should I look out for in a dog school? And when is the best time to travel with a dog in Spain? Mr Sheffield’s guides will help! Here your four-legged expert blogs about dogs in Spain.

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