Is Spain dog-friendly? Chief sleuth Mr. Sheffield introduces himself 1


A hearty woof to all our readers. My name is Mr. Sheffield and I’m the chief sniffer for HolaWuff, your portal for dog lovers.

Hundefreundliches Spanien

If it were up to me, the list wouldn’t be limited to Spain, because we four-legged friends are always on it, but my mistress said we should start small. That’s why we have concentrated on Spain for the time being: So if you’re looking for a vacation home on the Costa Brava with a dog and pool, a suitable dog groomer in Madrid, a good dog sitter in Cordoba or generally about vacationing or living with a dog in Spain, then you’ve come to the right place!

Did you know that there are many dog-friendly restaurants on the Costa Blanca, the Costa de la Luz and the Costa Brava? And that we have really good vets in Spain who often speak several languages, in case your pack doesn’t speak Spanish very well? There are even dog swimming pools such as the dog swimming pool in Ondara. Life with a dog in Spain is so much fun.

Prager Rattler mit Auslands-Erfahrung

Briefly about me: I am a Prague Rattler, puppy year 2012 and well-traveled: I left Germany with my boss and owner in 2015 and have already been to many countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the Philippines, Spain and now I’m on tour around the world again. I am really experienced in traveling and know what to look out for. I also have a few stories in my luggage. Just follow me here or on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – and you’ll always find out everything you need to know about traveling with dogs.

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